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how to get rid of bloating

Let’s say you’re actually calmly slowly chewing your food thoroughly, saliva will begin to mix with your food and digestion will begin in the mouth.


Most of us are eating distracted, on the go and under stress. There is a reason why enlightened beings on this planet practice slow mindful eating.


Next food enters into your stomach, your stomach has hydrochloric acid (HCL) and enzymes that breakdown proteins such as animal meats, nuts, seeds and legumes

Unfortunately, most of us have low levels of HCL and therefore proteins won’t be sufficiently broken down in your stomach. Low levels of HCL can be caused by stress, emotional pain, prescription drugs, antibiotics, overconsumption of protein, the wrong diet, etc.


The liver produces bile which is responsible for breaking down fats. When our liver is overburdened by excess stress, fat and toxins, it becomes sluggish and it won’t be able to produce the bile it needs and fats will slowly go rancid.

When undigested foods reach your lower intestine, they won’t be broken down enough for your cells to access their nutrients. And instead, the food will just lie there and rot. “Gut rot” creates ammonia gas…yes GAS and this can result in symptoms of bloating and digestive discomfort.

Note: Ammonia gas is very toxic and just like any other gas it moves around in the body interfering with your cells, bloating and discomfort can be just one effect /symptom from gut rot..soooo if you have ANY SYMPTOM in the body we must we must improve digestion first.

Undigested foods feed bad bacteria, and taking probiotics or eating fermented foods won’t be enough to fix this. Bloating is a sign that the hydrochloric acid levels and liver have been weak for a while, to really fix the problem we need to address the real cause of the symptoms.

In the following blog posts we will go over solutions to the root causes of bloating

  1. How to eat
  2. How to restore your HCL levels
  3. What to eat to boost good bacteria, strengthen the bile in the liver and increase enzymes that aid with digestion
  4. What not to eat

Remember you can turn your health around, I’ve seen it before many times. Healing is a process, and even just one change is a shift in the right direction.

November 15, 2021

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