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As a certified Naturopath, my approach to wellness is fun, simple, and more of a gradual lifestyle change than a "quick-fix." You don't have to be perfect to see results; you can still have a life!

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Health Issues? Don’t forget to detox your home

Toxic-Free Living

Acne, weight gain, fatigue, autoimmune disease, bloating, ageing, insomnia, adrenal problems, infertility, low immune system, thyroid problems…

These are just a few examples of problems that can arise from a congested and overworked liver.
Our liver is one of the most critical organs in the body; how we look and feel has 100% to do with our liver’s health.

Everything that enters the body must be filtered by the liver, and not just our food, but also what is absorbed through the skin and what we breath in.

If toxins overload your liver, it will not completely filter everything out, leading to cells bathing in dirty fluids. When this happens, your cells cannot perform properly, and you end up with symptoms of dis-ease like the ones mentioned above.

This is why it’s essential to detox from all the chemicals in our daily lives, starting with highly toxic everyday cleaning products. Breathing these fumes each day can weaken your immune system and overwork an already overburdened liver.

Whenever I come across an effective natural D.I.Y recipe, product or tip, I will be sure to share it. Together we’ll implement small changes over time, not to feel overwhelmed. Eventually, we’ll be one of those people lol with a toxic-free life!

To get you started, here is my favourite easy D.I.Y Mirror & Window Cleaner.

If you have any tested and approved cleaning D.I.Y’s, share them in the comments below, helping each other grow!

December 1, 2021

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