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Sick Of Being Sick? 4 Foods To Avoid

Sick of being sick? 4 foods to avoid

“I don’t feel so good.”

During those long winter months, these are very common words. You hate saying it, and you dread hearing it when it comes from your kids.

The kids are in daycare or school surrounded by germs and bringing them home to share. It seems unavoidable.

I’m here to tell you; there are ways to keep those icky germs at bay.

It means not just watching what gets on your body (hello, washing hands!), but also what goes inside it.


What you’re not eating is just as important as what you are eating.

This list is short and simple, but don’t underestimate its power!

Removing these foods at the first sign of malady can mean all the difference. It can take you from ‘feeling a little under the weather ‘to ‘knocking you out for a week’ immunity disaster, which then gets passed down to the whole family.



Avoid dairy, period.

Especially at the first signs of sickness, but also if you want to prevent illness year-round. I know this may be a big one because many kids snack on yogurts, cheese and milk.

These are feeding viruses and bacteria.

There are many fantastic tasting non-dairy alternatives out there that I’m sure you’re kids will love.

Worried about calcium? -Know that dairy is not actually a good source of calcium, and you can get calcium from fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Not convinced? Still worried about calcium?  Book a session! I can look over your diet:)


Processed white sugar immediately lowers the immune system and can delay healing. Swap this sweetener with medicinal raw honey or pure maple syrup.


Though they may be tasty and trendy, eggs are prime food for viruses and bacteria. If you’re struggling with illness, avoid them. Like everything else on this list, do your best year-round, but be significantly stricter when you or your kids are sick.


I’m not saying you have to become a vegan.

By reducing the amount of animal you consume, you reduce the fat in your diet and, therefore, your bloodstream. High-fat content in the blood lowers oxygen levels.

Low oxygen levels

  • Hinders your immune system.
  • Slows down your liver (a.k.a, your body’s filter system). Your liver needs oxygen to sort through the blood and take in the beneficial nutrients from the food you eat. The liver needs oxygen to deal with harmful viruses and bacteria.
  • Interferes with the heart’s ability to pump nutrient-filled blood to the body’s cells.
  • Pathogens proliferate in high-fat blood depleted of oxygen.

Even “low fat” animal protein such as chicken is considered high fat for the body. Have you ever made chicken soup and left it in the fridge overnight? The following day there is a thick film of fat on top. That’s what ends up in the blood.

You don’t have to eliminate animal altogether. Try to reduce your consumption by 50%. Instead of twice a day, try only once. And instead of 7 days a week, try only 3 or 4 days a week.


Do you lovvvveeeeeee all the foods on this list??? Can’t imagine your life without them?? Don’t stress! Be strict when you’re sick and do your best year-round. 

Remember, it’s not what you do sometimes-it’s what you do daily!

Need more support boosting your immune system?

December 17, 2021

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