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Beat Treadmill Boredom! 3 Fun & Super-Effective Workouts

Staying positive in this negative situation may sound difficult. You’re not alone. Why wait for warm weather to hit the pavement or for your gym to open to get in that workout— that dusty, old treadmill is all you need!

I’ve designed 3 super effective treadmill workouts that will help you see results without spending hours counting steps!

Constantly varying the incline and speeds allows your body to work harder by adapting to the constant change. This simple modification will also help avoid injury from repetitive movements, and your overall run will become less boring.


Centre yourself: “Running too close to the front of the treadmill shortens your stride,” Siik says. Stay in the middle of the belt to ensure that you are running with a full range of motion.

Stay in the zone: Check that your feet land beneath your hips instead of out in front to prevent overstriding. On inclines of 6 percent or more, maintain a slight tilt forward.

Land softly: Many runners strike heels first, then roll to their toes. This puts extra pressure on your knees; concentrate on landing on your midfoot or the pad of your forefoot instead.

Get started!

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P.S: Into hiking? Use these 3 workouts to get you warmed up and ready!

December 28, 2021

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