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Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

You eat well ✔️

You exercise regularly ✔️

You even restrict your calories ✔️

You may have even lost some weight, but you’ve hit a plateau now ✔️

So what gives?

Here’s what’s happening:

  • You eat food 
  • You chew it -this is where digestion begins 
  • Stomach acids break it down further
  • In the small intestine, the liver, in conjunction with the pancreas, finishes the digestion process and here, all the nutrients from your food enter the bloodstream. 
  • Before feeding all of your cells, the liver will filter the nutrient-rich blood. After your liver filters the blood, the blood will be sent to the heart to be pumped to all the cells. 

Okay, but how does this affect my weight? 

Your liver has many functions, including filtering your blood. When the liver is overrun by:

  • Heavy metals
  • Too many fats 
  • Toxins from our environment such as pesticides, plastics, perfumes, cosmetics, air fresheners, cleaning products, etc. 
  • Toxins we may have been born with passed down from generations

It can’t filter the blood properly, leaving it unclean. This is also known as “dirty blood.” 

The body is always working for you and dealing with situations as best it can. Therefore, instead of keeping the blood dirty, it will make fat and store the toxins in the fat it makes.

This is a “smart” solution since fat is outside and away from essential organs.

Note: This does not mean that if someone is thin, they are healthy! Some people’s bodies won’t make fat to store toxins. Instead, it will accumulate the toxins in the organs. 

So now what? 

How do I get rid of the unwanted weight gain and clean my liver?

Solution: 7 steps

  1. Remove the heavy metals with this smoothie.

2. Stop using toxic substances such as perfumes, cosmetics and cleaning products. Try natural brands and D.Y.I natural solutions.

3. Remove eggs, dairy, gluten, pork…I know, I know this one is hard, but if you want to see results, you must try.

4. Lower your fat intake. Too many nuts, seeds, oils and animal products are a burden on your liver. Reduce your consumption by 50%

5. Increase the amount of raw fruits and vegetables you eat in a day. Aim to always have something fresh and raw with every meal and snack. 

6. Keep exercising. Sweating and deep breathing help the body rid itself of toxins.

7. Lower your stress. Not only are adrenaline and cortisol surges hard on the liver, but they also cause your blood sugars to rise. High blood sugar levels and low stress-inducing activity (such as a life-threatening situation causing you to run with great intensity) inhibit the sugar from being burned.

This results in weight gain and can lead to cellular inflammation. Your body also retains water as part of an inflammatory process while diluting the excess stress hormones. 

Reduce your intake of coffee and dark chocolate, which raises these hormones. 

The cleaner your liver gets:

  • The less hungry you will be. You won’t have to force yourself to eat less it will happen automatically.
  • You will have more energy. You’ll find yourself wanting to move and exercise more.
  • You will feel less anxious, less stressed, and you’ll be sleeping better. 

And just like that, the weight will melt off. If you are dealing with other issues such as thyroid, menopause, autoimmune disorders, digestive issues, etc., these tips are just as effective.

If you would like a more personalized approach tailored to your needs, book a call, and we can find a solution for you!

January 5, 2022

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